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Vauxhall Flatblade Wiper Set.

Spare a thought for the humble windscreen wiper. It may not appear to have changed much since you began driving, but it is being transformed by new wiper blade technology.The new Vauxhall flat-blade is a joint free, aerodynamic design incorporating an integrated spoiler and spring loaded rails, which provide a uniform windscreen contact pressure across the entire length of the blade.
Vauxhall flat-blades are sleeker than a conventional wiper blade, with a higher resistance to wind lift, even at high speed, and deliver a more consistent, high quality wipe performance.

Flat-blade aerodynamics also play an important part in reducing wind noise by up to 50 per cent, and the low profile structure blends in neatly with modern car styling.
An alarmingly high percentage of road accidents can be attributed to poor visibility, with defective wiper blades one of the main causes. Did you know that you could face a fine of up to 1000 and two penalty points on your licence if your vehicle is found to have defective wiper blades.
So if your wiper blades are jerking, squeaking, smearing or showing signs of wear, why not take the opportunity to upgrade them with Vauxhall flat-blades.

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    Vauxhall Front Wiper Blades
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    12 months